Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ego is a singularity

I got this idea from one of my favorite books: "The ReEnchantment of the World" by Morris Berman.

The singularity bit is mine though.

The entire monotheistic methodology of religion, since the Jews first entertained that thought process is from a point of view that is like a 'singularity'.

We view the universe from OUR point of reference, every thing is measured, distance for example, measured as "we're here" and "that's over there".

My take on this is as follows:

There is no time, and yet we're all going to die.

The only *time* that's real is NOW.
Our ego has no alternative but to live in the past for the express purpose of future probability estimating. 

Our Ego is genetically incabable of living in or operating in the NOW.  All our ego knows of "NOW" is a theoretical possibility. 

It's ONLY FUNCTION is to hunt through our past experiences to see if "X" new incoming stimuli has ever crossed our paths before (it checks the database of past experiences) 
and it can not do any thing other than that.

What is our ego looking for?

It wants to formulate a possible profile. Why? What for?

It thinks it's job is to do probability estimating of potential dangers or benefits... of "X" incoming stimuli as it relates to X's impact on the future.

Ego has no choice other than to observe the known universe from "ITS" perspective.
Ego assumes that there IS NO OTHER perspective.

God on the other hand views ALL perspecitves 
how does he/she pull that off?

by not having ANY perspective.

God is no where.

Because he is ALL wheres (there isn't any*where* for him to go, cause he's there already)

This is Emmanuel Kant's idea I think...

so in summary: Ego see's the world as if the world was a singularity

God or Source Energy and our soul see's the world from 180°  out.

From a singularity point of view... time is linear
From God's point of view... there isn't any *time*
the universe was created a moment ago

... and we're still gonna die and we still have to pay taxes.

dual or parallel universes that are incongruent with one another

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