Sunday, January 4, 2009

Perceptions and Reality

Did you know the sky isn't blue?

If it was really blue, then why isn't it blue at night?

Our atmosphere doesn't have a color, not an intrinsic color. The only reason we perceive it as blue is due to our sun's radiation, the sun heats up the molecules of air and they turn a blueish hue... but only as viewed from down here.

Our perception fools us into thinking that reality is real. Our perceptions about addiction are just as skewed as the concept of the sky being blue.

Followers of the 12 step model of addiction remediation all adhere to the precept of us being powerless over addictions. There is a point to be made but that point covers up the fact incorporated in this notion carries a presupposition:

Who is "WE"?

Our perception is that "WE" as defined in the "we are powerless" statement is that "we" are the voice in our minds ear. The voice we hear when we talk to ourselves.

that isn't US

it's our EGO... and our ego is a tiny, minuscule part of us.

Want to see how childish the notion that our ego is who we are?

Up till now you thought planets orbited around larger heavenly bodies, correct?


that is an illusion.

Bodies in orbit are, in reality, falling in a straight line. Just as if you dropped a rock off of the leaning tower of pizza like Galileo did.

Orbits appear to be circular because space is curved. What we're seeing is curved space spiraling down somewhere just like watching water spiral down a toilet.

More coming...