Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Intuitive mind outperforms rational mind

Do you listen to your non-rational self?
Posted in Invisible Forces and superstition, Psychological Reversal, Being vs Doing, NLP, Perception by dave on the August 11th, 2006

I believe that our non rational, intuitive mind outperforms our logical left brain by 10 to the {lots of big numbers} power.

Our Intuitive Mind cannot be measured by empirical means

it’s like the objective reality is volts {doing}
the subjective reality is ohms (resistance/ conductivity) {being}

If you’re meditating… with the intent of drawing on the resources of your non linear/ intuitive/ non rational self… and the answer seems incoherent?

Alexander Grahmn Bell’s patron bitched at him for ‘fooling around’ with that damn voice over copper stuff!
He was being paid to make multiple telegraph signals run over one cable.

If Bell had listened to his rational self… none of us would have a telephone.

This topic is so technical if I'm going to do this right...

it's going to have to wait till I can devote full time & attention

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