Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Color Are Your Daydreams?

What Color Are Your Innermost Thoughts?
It's not a trick question... ok well it is, kinda.

Atheists would have you believe we have no soul, that our "mind" is a bio electric computer, our "psyche" is a complex software that runs on a main frame and that main frame is purportedly located within our craniums.

Logic Rules
Everything that is not based in logic is deemed superstition

There are problems with countering that argument, those problems are based in linguistics and language and science. The problem of countering the atheistic argument leaves the door open to "Salem Witch Hunts" and the "rule of law" (and am a fan of the rule of law and not a fan of the Salem Witch Hunts), I'll explain:

In 17th century New England "spectral evidence" was enough to convict a person of witchcraft and get them burned at the stake. The story goes that upwards of 60 or 70 people were convicted and condemned to death based on the story of a teenage girl who later recanted and was too embarrassed and/ or ashamed to admit that she made the story up just to get back at a social peer. Once the horsepower behind the witch hunt gained power, it had a life of it's own apparently.

So logic was deemed the only acceptable criteria of deciding law. Logic, objective logic was seen to be superior to (and it many ways it is) to subjective measurement.

How does one measure subjectivity?
How can a computer program or algorithm measure or discern between a Rembrandt or the Mona Lisa and a 3 year old's water color?

Intuition is not a parlor trick, neither are your day dreams.

I offer this food for thought:

What is the specific gravity of your day dreams?
Are they real?
What color are they?
Where are they located? (think carefully before you respond "within my cranium")

Become conscious of a coffee cup, let's say that coffee cup is "located" on a nearby table, are you conscious of that cup? Where is your conscious now located? is it within your cranium?

Could it not be argued that your consciousness expanded to "include" the coffee cup?
So... is your consciousness located on the nearby table or in your head or...

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