Friday, March 27, 2009

The solar storm is coming

There is no Reality, only perception

The apparent calm in the solar surface, the absence of the spots reflecting magnetic activity, could be a mirage. New Scientist published an account of a study funded by NASA which shows the possibility of a technological catastrophe on Earth caused by increased solar activity is expected to be fired in 2012. 

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"We are moving increasingly to the edge of a disaster," said Daniel Barker in charge of the study, conducted by the NAP. New Scientist carries this tone to imagine a likely scenario:

It is midnight on September 22 2012 and the skies of Manhattan are filled with a curtain of light flashing multicolor. Neuyorkinos Few have seen the dawn of a visual spectacle in these latitudes, but their fascination is short. After a few seconds, the flashing lights and electrical pale, then become unusually bright until all the lights turn off in 90 seconds the entire East Coast of the United States remains without electricity. 

One year later: Millions of Americans are dead and the country's infrastructure is shattered. The World Bank United States declares a developing nation. Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and China are also suffering to recover from the event: a vehement storm started A150 million kilometers on the surface of the sun.

Although it seems an apocalyptic vision of science fiction are charged to remember that scientists are usually quite conservative and the tone of sci-fi because the road is only useful in the transition step from imagination to reality, the metaphor in which can not hide what they think the scandal unleashed college.

It may sound unlikely, but perhaps the greatest threat to civilization is a ball of plasma wave (coronal mass ejection) 1. The fire from heaven. If these balls of plasma entering the atmosphere could quickly affect the configuration of the magnetic field of the earth, which in turn induces currents in the electrical wiring of the quadrant, which was not built to handle this type of direct electric current . The result is that the increased flow creates magnetic fields that saturate the magnetic center of power transformers and melt copper cables. This, in a smaller scale, is what happened in Quebec in March 1989, when six million people were left without electricity for 9 hours.

The only precedent that comes close is what happened in 1859, called the Carrington event, which occurred 9 days of severe space weather, auroras were seen even in equatorial latitudes, the event was described as "the first time in which found that the man was not alone in the universe "and as" the birth of modern astronomy. " Back then it was only a espertáculo transceleste unmatched, a mystical experience or a line of inquiry.

"But today the interdependence of the planet's electrical system and basic services like water, supermarkets and supply systems of products, the financial markets or transport just say some, the consequences can be lethal." By a sort of investment, which some would call homeostasis or planetary karma, the most affected would be the most developed countries with greater technological dependence.

(It is surprising to see mainstream scientists speak in terms that look dejos catastrophic cosmic and fears, a look at the timeline posed New Scientist: water scarcity, the debacle of the gas, the chaos and eventual destruction transport, falls in hospitals, nuclear plants, etc.. A 2 billion cost of millions. Up to ten years to recover and have to practically rebuild the world. Just when I dreamed of going out of the economic crisis a While imaginative exercise, note that this "flight" into a dystopia from the axis of that same establishment in power and conservatism of the world order (and holding classified information). Although it is not clear without the paranoia, but to contrary.)

And although it could be preventing much of the disaster is unlikely to adopt a prevention scheme in advance "The world will most likely yawn to the prospectus of a devastating storm solar ... until it happens."

At this moment the sun is "the most calm that has been in 100 years," according to Mike Hapgod, director of meteorological equipment to European Space Agency, "but we could go to the other end." It is expected that the next solar maximum occurs in 2012. Date where millenarian visions of the end of the world as we know it "at the end of the hypostasis Mayan calendar, 13 baktun.

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